Occupational Therapy Helping Children

Helping transform the lives of children with developmental challenges.

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— Alex Simpkin
Brand Strategist


— Terri Bertakis
Strategy, Direction
+ Designer

The existing Occupational Therapy Helping Children brand has developed organically over the past 20+ years through a series of sporadic activities, without the brand ever being anchored by a core idea to define its identity.

Re-defined custom experiences. Increased brand equity. Re-aligned leaders and staff. Re-freshed e brand identity. Comprehensive 102 page brand book.

Brand Strategy

Purpose Clarity
Authenticity &
The Vision Map
Ideal Audience

Brand Identity

Logo re-design,
Tone of Voice
Brand Book

Brand Applications

Event Posters
Email Assets
Website Assets


The brand has resulted the strategy being unclear and communication inconsistent —  being hard to know what is ‘on brand’ and ‘off brand’ as the business grows. Additionally, over the past two decades, the number of competitors has increased markedly.



Researching internal stakeholders and external stakeholders we discovered how they love the little changes in their clients. It was the little things that make children more adept in progress in their lives as an individual and as a family.

After providing a brand audit, we identified that that their current logo had retained brand equity and familiarity amongst their clients thus was a valuable signifier to the brand. They lacked brand confidence and point of difference beyond being in business for over 20 years.


We helped strengthened the OTHC brand, by repositioning them in the marketplace to be renowned as a leader in their category with a point of difference emphasising their approach to service. We refreshed their service offering framework, supported their new brand strategy with a value proposition and elevator pitch and creative storytelling as a manifesto to live by. The brand strategy was supported with a clear, compelling ‘big idea’ that aligns with their value proposition, that is “Helping Children Thrive”.


The Identity System

We evolved the story of the OT Man in the brand logo, which held a memorable image in the minds of their clients. The acronym of the business name is captured in the logo mark, creating a strong iconic mark that can be featured without the full length brand name. We refreshed their brand identity, with visuals that support a "fun first philosophy" and visuals of thriving children from various backgrounds. The personality is playful, dynamic and vibrant with illustrations that integrate with authentic photography. The dynamic element of the brand was important to capture, we created a system which can be changed through colour, shape, and movement to suit each communication piece.



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The success of the brand identity project was applied consistently across all visual and verbal touch points including; print collateral, email, online, window graphics, interior wall graphics as well as merchandise.
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