Inner West Roller Derby

Reconnecting the heart of the Inner West Sydney Roller Derby League.

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— Terri Bertakis
Strategy, Direction
+ Designer

— Photography Credits:
Lucy Kasnox,
Mark Zouroudis
and Mark Taylor

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit
Purpose Clarity
Vision Mission Values
Authenticity &
Audience Personas

Brand Identity

Logo re-design
Logo Suite
Imagery Styling
Texture/ Imagery Assets
Brand Heart Guide

Brand Applications

Sports Apparel
Tote Bag


Inner West Roller Derby League were established in 2012,  with new leadership the team had been growing steadily, a rebrand would give them the opportunity to develop as a league competitively and make an impact locally, nationally and beyond. In line for their 10 year anniversary, the team wanted to elevate their brand to new heights. Acknowledging that they had outgrown their previous logo, they wanted to achieve a new look and feel which embraced their family-friendly vibe yet with a more competitive edge. They also wanted to ensure the design of their new brand identity was inclusive and reflective of the LGBTQIA+ community, as this was an important part of their culture.


Through a brand audit, we uncovered insights and opportunities that helped uncover the true value of the teams fun and family oriented culture along with an inclusive LGBTQIA+ ethos. The team had identified with a strong "Lovemark", meaning that they had built a tribe with high love and high respect and needed a new foundation in which all of this was to be articulated, refined and communicated across their league.


The success of the previous logo represented the Inner West street art vibe, however lacked in originality with the symbol of the skate, and the texture of the logo was becoming difficult to replicate across printed merchandise.

The brand personality exercise captured the quality of competitive grit from the past, purposeful inclusion in the present, and a future of continual progression. The new logo represents the concept of the "Rainbow Wheel, with a welcoming inner space to skate". The logo stands for bringing community together with a love for derby and diversity.

The Roller Skate wheel is a symbol representing continuous movement, inner grit and progress. The Progress Pride Rainbow inside the inner hub, welcomes people into a world of acceptance, connection, and potential that is embraced through the love of Roller Derby. The Stars are a symbol of progressive excellence, courage, and championing determination.

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"This rebrand has been so enlightening and educational and heart warming, to scratch under the surface of our Roller Derby League and to see all the wonderful things that we bring to people. And even though that's what we have hoped in our heads, now that is actually happening. We now have a framework and guide to bring this into the future... I wasn't expecting to have the Inner west heart guidebook, it's not just a brand guideline, it's more that we have words and feelings and meanings behind what we do and why we do it, and that's the heart guidebook that I wasn't expecting." — Teigan Butchers [Director + Team Leader]

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